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Pedro Lavin is a multidisciplinary visual artist and filmmaker from Mexico City.

Working in various media, including animation, illustration, and film, he constructs personal mythologies; and weaves magical realism, fantasy and oneiric exploration into the stories he tells. Lavin’s work is rooted in themes of sex, gender and love, and challenges heteronormativity with a radically queer voice.

In 2019 he completed ‘Sophia’, a short film for musician and visual artist Chris Burnett, which won gold at the ORION International Film Festival and was selected as part of Vimeo’s curated Experimental Film category. Recently, he also directed an animated short film portraying a sexual assault survivor story for the MeToo organization, which was screened at Sundance Film Festival in 2018, and called ‘powerful’ by the New York Times.

His next film, and closing chapter of the ‘Desire’ trilogy, ‘I Feel Love’ is currently in production.


Pedro Lavin, NYC, 2020