A guide, a gate.

Tomorrow opens for them.

They, a frenzied thing from whose lips the God speaks. They, who hold gender future between clawed hands.

They, a pyre to the old self: lust and understanding burn just behind them, immolating the sky. A sphinx, male / female, penetrator and penetrated, oracular and erotically charged, their blue on blue eyes tempestuous, nebulous, with secrets twined in riddle hiding just behind the corneal film.

They, who rest lionine stone haunches underneath a burning sun and cold moon that amalgamate in eclipse: a celestial allegory.

They, in a cloud of pheromonal perfume, vulval orchid and cock anthurium glint with pearl and diamond on either side of them.

Tomorrow opens for them.

Confinement, solitude and a deeper exploration of an inner cosmology / psychology have precipitated a new questioning of gender, in particular my own. The space I live and have lived in now for some time, I’ve come to realize, is stifling and ill fitting. The skin that houses me is ready to be shed.

After having understood myself as queer a decade ago, I now find myself at the genesis of a second identity journey. One that I hope will take me to balance, a forgotten dream I long to return to.

The Sphinx is the guide, the gate, to this new underworld: they, an omniscient, half-beast being that holds the future; but will only maddeningly express it in enigmatic, lyrical poetry. A perfect metaphor to represent the slipstream of my subconscious, hidden desires and possible identities. This interpretation of the lionine deity draws from myth but recasts the mercurial being as my own internal oracle: the prophetic riddle speaker that will guide me to a new truth.

Featured in Dear Future, Concept of the Year 2023

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original concept, direction, 3D and compositing - Pedro Lavín

3D scan - John Kang