Sophia production style-frames.

A story about heartbreak. Of a mortal man that loved a perfect, unreal ideal of a woman.

This film was created for Chris Burnett, an artist and musician whose work in 2018 examined idealized love. The themes he was exploring in his music triggered an idea in my mind: when we are in the throes of an obsessive crush we create false, perfect versions of our obsessions. They transform, becoming beautiful to an unearthly degree. Gods and goddesses; alive, but also cruelly unreal.
Armed with this concept, I visualized Chris’ mind as a temple made of light and concrete. Within it, he worships a goddess with a face of flowers. Initially, she appears beautiful, a pure and perfect vision, surrounded by heavenly light. When her mask is removed, however, her eyes are stark white, lending to an unnerving feeling of otherness, alienness. She is ghostly, ethereal, almost imaginary. An eidolon.

Orion International Film Festival 2019 winner for Best Music Clip

Permanently featured in Vimeo’s curated Experimental Channel
“Fresh ideas and innovative techniques that redefine the visual world”

direction - Pedro Lavín

music - Chris Burnett


Chris Burnett as The Worshiper

Lucia Lavín as The Eidolon


director of photography - Jonah Friedman

production - Steve Intrabartola

assistant director - Ryan Chatel

hair and makeup - Charles Zambrano

set PA - Faith Flynn, Tess Harris & Scott Thomas

key grip - Moe LaRena

on-set photographer - John Kang

studio manager - Francisco Paez & Karina Paez


storyboard - Samrath Kaur

matte painting and concept design - Pedro Lavin

compositing and animation - Matthias Baüerle, Sean Martin, Hieu Phan, Darius Safani & Sean Wehrli

title animation - Darius Safani

post production - Jodi Kraushar


special thanks - Adina Sales, Alex Unick, Marie Hyon, Marco Spier & Eben Mears