Feeric Self-Portrait v1. (virtual).
click & drag / scroll to examine digital artefact.

Feeric Self-Portrait v2. (physical). 3D printed resin.

Feeric Self-Portrait v2, installation view at Chinatown Soup in NYC.

A visceral, sylvan eroticism.

Chimeric permutations of the wildman archetype–the god Pan, Lucifer, satyrs and fauns; with their many associations to subconscious desire; a primal connection to nature; and deep transformation–coalesce here into a new vision of mythic queerness. One that simultaneously encapsulates fragility: non-normative sexuality as delicate, strange flora; as well as a visceral, sylvan eroticism.

Utilizing a previously established floral-symbolic lexicon, the artist combines motifs from a multiplicity of mythologies to become fae, to become ‘other’, in an act of radical self acceptance.
A trusting step into the wild unknown, metaphorized by a multicultural, folkloric faerie tradition.

Dryadic, orchideal branches erupt, almost painfully, from human features to create cornigerous growths. The devil, the horned god; Jungian symbol of subconscious aberrancy and rebellion, here analogizes the completion of a hard earned metamorphosis through deviant sacrifice.

This work exists simultaneously in physical and digital space.

Featured in ‘Within, Below’ on view at Chinatown Soup 9.18.23 - 10.01.23

and distant.gallery 10.05.23 - ∞

original concept, direction - Pedro Lavín

3D scan - Pedro Lavín

modeling - Joe Chang, Pedro Lavín

texturing - Joe Chang

3D printing - Makelab NY

gallery photography - Alan Tansey