they mistook him for tame, sex-less. eunuchal. they condemned him to a monastic existence. they couldn’t see the wild, coarse bristles sprouting underneath the coal-gray schoolboy uniform trousers, the pair of keratinous growths hidden by the standardized haircut. they saw only a quiet, unthreatening solitude.

each night, his ungulate legs grew meatier. thiccened. each day it became harder to conceal them. harder to bind down the turgid member between them.

one day, the increasingly taut ashen fabric at last began to rip. the expanding meat became ephemeral ruby berries framed by tense gray tendons of cotton, until they inevitably snapped, released, liberated. the curls grew wild around the lengthening horns on his head; and the one glistening below.

they had always been mistaken. his stoic exterior hid a savage, hircine interiority, obvious to a valuable few, but not to them. his metamorphosis complete, it wouldn’t matter anymore how wrong they had been.

his cloven feet echoed off the damp floor as he staggered towards the bacchanal.

digital rendition of my grandfather’s faun statuette.

An erotic, metamorphotic coming-of-age.

The series recounts, in abstract prose and photographic concept, a radical metamorphosis from timid. ashen schoolboy to blood-red, hircine chivo, a he-goat. As a boy, I was fascinated by a strange statuette of a faun, sculpted by the hands of Eduardo Luque, my grandfather. The faun sculpture caused an intense proto-sexual, pubescent fascination.
It would prove to be the first burbling hints of the volcanic eroticism that would consume me later in life. This awakening is here allegorically represented by the same symbol that entranced me so many years ago, the horned god: ancient and multicultural archetypal symbol of male virility, fertility and power.

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original concept, direction, 3D and compositing - Pedro Lavín

3D scan - Mercedes Luque